EMC Hospital
2018 - 2019
Brand Development, UX & UI Design, Web Development, Content Creation, Digital Advertising

Challenge: How to redesign the website for better brand awareness?

EMC (Elang Medika Corpora) is a merge of RS Pertamedika Sentul and RS Usada Insani which currently known as EMC Sentul and EMC Tangerang. Established in 2013, EMC is dedicated to serving growing need for better and trusted health services. With the new tagline “Transforming Health care Experience”, EMC Hospital aims to bring new healthcare experience to its patient and consumer with better services, take the hospital to a new level and make a giant step to future medical era.

For hospital website which is often by people in distress, users must be able to accomplish these task easily:

  1. Find the right doctor that suit their needs
  2. Find the doctor’s schedule and make an appointment online
  3. Complete information about the hospital’s facility

Realizing this condition, it is important to make the website to be able to easily and accomplish their goals.

Solution: A modern yet simple website that can accommodate the need of two hospitals

In this era, today’s patient are consumers. We can consider these consumers are armed with more information, option and opinion than ever before. They have tendency to look online information before decided to choose one hospital. As in EMC case, the company also has need to rebrand the two hospital (EMC Sentul and EMC Tanggerang) with new fresh and modern looks.

Designing with empathy

Based on that requirement, Suitmedia provides powerful visual and user experience website to consumer. We make a clear and simple information architecture for users to browse information they need. We make the names of the menu into easily understood names and use quite common terms instead of medical terms which might be difficult to understand for some users. We provide shortcut to important features as seen in Make Appointment, Find Doctor and Contact Us menu. For most important information or promo, we highlight it by put in to big banner at the homepage.

When designing EMC website, we also highlight the doctors in each hospital (EMC Sentul and EMC Tanggerang). User can find brief description that include information about education, areas of practice and doctor’s schedule.

Result: Brings the hospital into a modern image

The essence of designing a hospital website is to give potential patients confidence that the hospital can provide the care they need. With professionally designed and up-to-date site, we successfully raise EMC brand awareness as well as increasing impression value from visitors. The number of our visitor as per September 2018 (4.2K monthly visitor) was increasing (+66%) in September because we gained more organic search traffic (+96%) User engagement also was very good (4+ pages/session, avg. session duration > 3 minutes, bounce rate < 40%). This values indicates that users were interested to our contents.