2021 - 2022
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Challenge: How to create an omnichannel that capable to integrate various existing systems?

Eiger is an outdoor adventure equipment manufacturing and retail company in Indonesia. Eiger oversees several other well-known brands such as Exsport, Bodypack, Outlive). With a large business, Eiger needs a reliable system to facilitate and support its business needs. The system currently owned by Eiger is still limited and inflexible, causing difficulties in customizing the system based on business needs

Based on these considerations, a collaborative project was formed between Eiger and Suitmedia, the purpose is to build an omnichannel that capable to integrate all transactions from various business lines under the auspices of Eiger. This omnichannel called CARE consists of four systems including POS (Point of Sales), WMS (Warehouse Management System), OMS (Order Management System) and Loyalty System.

Solution: Creating a fully customized omnichannel ecosystem that fits business needs

We helped Eiger create a fully customized omnichannel ecosystem, including development for POS cashier systems and their databases, development of WMS systems in the form of Web Based and Mobile App, and development of OMS and Loyalty systems all from scratch. Of course, we adjust all of that to Eiger's business needs. We believe this can help create an effective and efficient integration process between transactions from several systems. When proposing this solution, we also ensure that the system that will be created by Suitmedia can later be further developed in accordance with Eiger's future business developments.

Result: An omnichannel that capable of specifically improving the function of the existing system has been created

When we created the omnichannel for Eiger, we saw an increase in the function of each existing system. The CARE system that has been created can fulfill transaction activities in stores and can also be properly connected to the WMS, OMS and Loyalty systems. The OMS system has been able to support all transactions from various marketplaces to integration with delivery services as well as tracking shipments. The Loyalty System can accommodate various types of promos and loyalty schemes according to Eiger's needs.

The result is the number of traffic has significantly improved by 175.5% compared to the last period. There are more than 75K users visit Eiger website. We also found great improvements in conversion results. Eiger Adventure Club got 1,227 logged in users, 47,940 signed up users and 2,749 users who reactivated their account. This result is achieved by various digital promotions to encourage customers to engage with the website.