BUMN Industrial Estate
2020 - 2021
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: Make a fully-functional procurement mobile application

BUMN industrial estates are areas that are owned and managed by the Indonesian government under the auspices of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises and Regional Governments, which are spread across 6 provinces in Indonesia: Batam, Medan, Jakarta, Makassar, Surabaya, and Semarang. BUMN Industrial Estate provides products for investment for industrial activists both from within and outside the country, as well as industrial products and business support for industrial estates.

As an industrial estate, an integrated website that can accommodate the promotional and marketing needs of each company incorporated in the area is needed to make BUMN Industrial Estate better known to public and wider community.

Solution: An informative & functional website that provide an update information and marketing activity

We realize that one way to maximize the potential of each company that is incorporated in the BUMN industrial area is to make it centralized. So, we try to create a website that can centralize marketing content from various products produced by companies in BUMN Industrial Estate. Also, giving comprehensive information about the profile and various advantages of each BUMN Industrial Estate.

We try to bridge various needs by creating a responsive, user friendly and secure website that contains integrated information related to BUMN Industrial Estate and various companies under it. We do this so that information related to BUMN Industrial Estate is more easily accessed and understood by a wider community.

On this website, visitors can easily find the information they need. On the homepage, there is a product locator maps, which can help display a variety of products owned by each companies and industrial estates. We also provide clear information about product details on the “Products and Services” main menu.

Result: An effective platform that helps to reach marketing and promotion goals

This website is one of the important tools in the effort to integrate information, marketing activities, and the promotion of industrial estates as well as the company's state-owned enterprises under its auspices. After launching, the website has successfully gained 197 new users with pageviews more than 3k. Through the integration website, user and more importantly – the investor can gain many information about industrial estates only in a single website, Indonesian Integrated Industrial Estate.