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Challenge: How to increasing brand awareness after rebranding 

Originally, Myrism is a Korean brand that started their business by selling a high-quality legging. After a while, they want to rebrand their brand to become a Korean media. Previously, Myrism started as a beauty korean media that shared information to the consument about K-beauty but in the middle of February they decided to upgrade the contents into more Korean related such as K-pop, K-drama, and K-news. With this action, they are not only talking about beauty stuff but discussing and sharing about Korea widely. Since Myrism wants to rebrand their brand, there are several challenges that needed to be done. Myrism need to gain awareness for their new brand and make sure the new audience is interested with their social media account such Instagram and Facebook. The KPI from Myrism to Suitmedia is 5.000 followers in a 6 months contract. 

Solution: Expanding content ideas related to Korean stuff and using Business Ads to increase engagement

There are several solution that suggested by Suitmedia such as:

  • Broaden the content ideas 

To gain awareness, we expand the content about Korean stuff such as K-pop, K-drama, K-food, and K-travel. Moreover, we did not only focus on the content  for Instagram feed, but also creating the content ideas on Instagram reels and TikTok videos with the topic of K-beauty, K-fashion, and K-food. We are expanding the content to generate and attracting more followers along with to make the audience more interested to Myrism considering Indonesian audience is very well known with their high enthusiast for Korea.

  • Improve the engagement of Myrism's social media

As Myrism wants to gain more awareness for their social media, Suitmedia gives advice by using their Facebook Business Ads to promote and advertise Myrism's social media.

Result: The growth of brand awareness and engagement rate

As the result of expanding the content that contains information related to Korea (K-pop K-fashion, K-beauty, K-drama), we increase their brand awareness as well through TikTok videos and reels of content that collaborate with KOL. We also found that the followers are increasing. In 7 months, Myrism’s followers on Instagram is increasing from 2.000 into > 15.000 followers through giveaway and activation with KOL. With the action that has been done, the engagement rate is also increasing around 3.24% which is a good result from the solution given.