Bank Maspion
2017 - 2018
Brand Development, UI/UX Design

Challenge: How to make users’ banking experience pleasant and enjoyable

Maspion Bank is a local bank headquartered in Surabaya and was established in 1990. The bank has been spreading its wings by opening new branches in Jakarta, Semarang, Denpasar, Medan, Bandung, Makassar, Solo, Malang, Purwokerto, and Palembang.

However, with advancements in digital technology, the proportion of users using Internet banking is gradually on the rise. Digitization in banking services is clearly a rising trend. Maspion Bank was aware of the actual trends and the innovations that have to follow by using a reliable and user-friendly platform. Their main concern involved the complexity of the digital banking service and its outdated website design. Therefore, Maspion bank tapped Suitmedia to tackle the challenge and revamp the site to make digital banking experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

Solution: A simplified website that doesn't rule out functionality

After we analyzed the Maspion Bank’s old site, we found that the site had several rooms for improvement. The design was outdated and the site architecture was confusing. In order to make the complicated world of banking a better place for users, we dared ourselves to create the simplest, beautiful and delightful banking UI experience for Maspion Bank website, while maintaining the full-scale digital banking functionality at the same time. We chose a compact website design to simplify the path for users to find the information they need faster and easier. It also made the site seamless and intuitive by making the site responsive, providing the best user experience across a broad range of platforms, whether they are browsing from their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Besides adding complete features that required by OJK standards, we also added features that needed most by Maspion Bank customers, such as Maspion e-banking, Maspion virtual account, complete ATM and branch office locations, and exchange rate information that highlighted on the sidebar menu, giving an efficient shortcut for users to utilize the features.

With a simplified navigation and user flow, also enhanced functionality that implemented on the has successfully drawn +11.79% new users and increased its page views at +13.75%, sessions at +7.39%, also decreased its bounce rate at -4.71% in 30 days after the new site launched. Generally, the user engagement after new site launching increased significantly compared to the previous period.