Bank Central Asia (BCA)
UX & UI Design, Web Development

Challenge: To make project management system become simpler and easier

For over 60 years, BCA has become one of the biggest banks in Indonesia. BCA has always been adjusting banking solutions they offered so it never fails to answer their customer’s financial needs. With their commitment “Senantiasa di Sisi Anda” (always by your side), BCA will consistently try to hold the trusts and hopes of their customers and stakeholders.

In order to keep their commitment, BCA has to keep a good relationship with their customers and stakeholders. This undoubtedly is the responsibility of all working department, especially the marketing and communication division who is standing at the front row in giving information about the company and their banking solutions to all stakeholders.

To help the marketing and communication department in achieving their goals, BCA needed a better project management application to help the department to manage every job or project traffic so they can work smoothly and productively. Hence, BCA tapped Suitmedia to build the application and make their project management system simpler and easier.

Solutions: A management app that easy-to-use and makes work feel more fun

First thing first, we started the development process by creating a brand concept for the application to help users perceive the app purpose through a strong identity. Our brand strategy result generates a value for the app as “One Communication Environment: modern, simple, bold, hi-tech, and comfortable”. This value has become our guide to do the next steps in the app development process. We also have chosen a name for the app, CommHub, which represents the app as the center of activities for BCA Marcom division.

Besides the brand strategy, we also created the brand development by creating brand promise and personality to bring a character to the application. Keeping the values in mind, we came up with the brand promise to help every employee in connecting and communicating with each other in one environment, as the vision of the company is to help the department in doing their everyday job with a clear communication flow where everyone can work and solve problems together, from making promotion plan, creating sales and advertising strategy, negotiating, to maintaining relationship with customers. We also breathe life to the application by designing a logo that perfectly represents the app’s purpose and character.

After we’ve finished creating the brand concept, we began the app development process. For the interface, we chose a sleek, clear and easy-to-understand layout. To support that, we used the blue and white colors, not only because it is the color identity of BCA, but also because it made the design looks and feels fresher. We also applied sans-serif fonts to make the text easier to read because we don’t want users to misread a task and wasting their time doing a wrong chore.

We also made sure the users can easily access all the data and information they need. For this matter, we did not only categorize the task as late, running, and upcoming, but also those that still need approval. With this categorization, we can reduce the issue of skipped tasks. To help the users manage their time and workload, the application also shows the number of task that should be finished and even the number of task that needed to be approved.

By using this application, the productivity of BCA marketing and communication department is increasing since the supervisors can manage each project and those who are working on it better than before. They are also able to share the work according to the employees’ current workload so the unbalanced responsibility can be minimized and the productivity will be maximized. Most importantly, with CommHub, working has become more fun!