BNI Syariah
2015 - 2016
Creative Campaign, Social Media Management

Challenge: The low level of sharia banking literacy of Indonesian people

Indonesia has a progressive Islamic banking industry with significant growth on the back of government support and huge number of Muslim citizens. BNI Syariah is one of Indonesian Islamic banks who has a vision to become the people’s choice in sharia banking. However, Islamic banking differs from conventional banking, and the Sharia financial literacy of Indonesian population is considered low. For that reason, BNI Syariah approached Suitmedia to expand their efforts in promoting relevant knowledge of Islamic finance to raise awareness and promote their sharia products and services.

Solution: Engaging and useful social media content that is relevant to customers’ values

Nowadays, social media is no longer an option, it is a necessity in the current business world. With a strong belief in putting the customers’ needs first and their service foremost, BNI Syariah asked Suitmedia to provide engaging and useful content for their Facebook and Twitter audience.

When spreading awareness of BNI Syariah products and services, which is using Islamic principles, it is important to educate the customers. They will be more willing to emerge themselves into Islamic finance if they have the knowledge. First thing first, we must understand the key aspects of the Muslim consumer, the values they are looking for, and the communication to fulfills their needs. We have been providing imagery, wording, and symbolism that are matching with audience’s value and culture. We are also positioning BNI Syariah bank’s social media channels as a 24-hour customer service helpline, a way to encourage community engagement with bank’s various events and a means to update the public about all of the new products and services the bank launches.

BNI Syariah stands out amongst local Islamic financial institutions by emphasizing the significance of the ‘human touch’ on social media to start a two-way conversation with the audience, engaging with them on topics of their interest, such as Islamic inspiration, financial tips, and Muslim way of life. We make sure we have constant interaction and engagement with our audience and post what matters to the customers by utilizing interesting and attractive content and then analyze data to measure the contribution of our social media channels for the performance of the bank.

Social media management has become a part in accelerating BNI Syariah’s growth. We have succeeded to gain 34K likes on BNI Syariah Facebook Fanpage and 181K followers on BNI Syariah Twitter. Engagement through their social media accounts also generate insights from customers, which led to better BNI Syariah products and services.