Bank Rakyat Indonesia
iOS & Android Development, UI/UX Design

Challenge: To Send Offers Directly To Credit Card Owners

Nowadays, a lot of people are using credit card. As one of the leading Indonesian commercial banks and one of the state owned enterprises, BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia) wanted to increase their quality in credit card services to its customers with a more accessible and faster approach. They need an application to indulge its customers with offers and discount information for BRI credit card owners that can be sent directly to customers’ mobile device.

Solution: We built an enjoyable user interface and user experience to give the most of its application functions

Suitmedia provided an alternative way for BRI credit card owners to be updated on promotions through a Blackberry mobile application called BRI Mobile Promo. What we were trying to do is to make it very convenient for customers. We thought the design’s look and feel carefully to make it in accordance with the BRI corporate identity. The user experience is also very simple and enjoyable, makes the users get the promo information with ease. By using this mobile application, BRI cardholders can discover a lot of privileges for their enjoyment in a simple way.