Courts Indonesia
E-Commerce Solutions

Challenge: How to make buying easier on the site

Courts Asia is a retail company of furniture, household electronics and appliances that is expanding its reach in Indonesia by opening their first Megastore in Kota Harapan Indah, Bekasi in October 2014 and the second Megastore in BSD City, Tangerang in January 2016.

They wanted to take their game to the next level by improving their sales performance and providing a better service in digital. For that reason, Courts asked Suitmedia to bring e-commerce features to their website. With a large product line, we have to make the buying process easier.

Solution: Make the process as simple and intuitive as possible

Understanding what the consumer wants, what consumers need is a crucial part of conversion rate optimization, and every consumer wants a quick and easy way to purchase the products they desired.

Suitmedia redesigned the and brought e-commerce features to the site, such as payment gateway; cart, shipping and tracking order; and more. In the design process, we created a simple buying experience to keep consumers focused and avoid breaking their train of thought. Our design lets visitors immediately know where to go to make a purchase. We also simplify every step of every purchasing process with 3 core factors contribute to ease:

  1. Clarity and simplicity
  2. Intuitive design
  3. Informative content

We have succeeded to bring a modern and clean design to the site by utilizing white spaces, big images, neat layout, and a color selection that reflects the brand’s spirit and match the character of its products.

Aside from the clean look, the easy shopping experience is what makes this design perfect: all products are well-categorized, the thumbnails are big, and product descriptions are detailed and informative. The new is a proof that shopping really does not have to be complicated.

Utilizing cloud computing to bring flexibility and reliability in the business

Courts always want to continually improve its customers’ experience by staying agile—including in its infrastructure. For that reason, Suitmedia is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the cloud computing for Courts, runs the website on Amazon EC2 and the customer data stored in Amazon RDS. Cloud computing in e-commerce itself enables the business to look big virtually and operate highly. Cloud Computing enables an e-commerce application to cater to the changing demand and scenarios of the market. It allows to upscale or downscale the services according to the demand, traffic, and seasonal spikes.

Cloud computing also can save Courts from data loss. It keeps the data secure, backed-up and easily accessible. An e-commerce business depends hugely on the data of its customers. At the time of catastrophic data losses or security threats, cloud computing helps to overcome the disaster and resume the business in a streamlined way.

Moreover, for an e-commerce business, speed also plays an important role to make the customers stay glued. While a sudden spike in traffic can slow down a website and make it unresponsive, cloud computing provides the website with greater bandwidth, computational power, and storage.