2019 - 2020
Development Consultation, UX & Market Research, UI/UX Design

Challenge: How to make a website that align with current business prospects?

PT Erajaya Swasembada Tbk. (hereinafter referred to as Erajaya) is an integrated mobile telecommunication device importer, distributor, and retailer, where Erajaya is also acknowledged as the largest and most trusted companies in its business in Indonesia. Aside from engaging business in the distribution and retail of mobile communication devices, Erajaya also offers Value Added Services, such as mobile phones protection services through TecProtec and handset leasing service in collaboration with credible multifinance companies in Indonesia.

As a big company, Erajaya has already owned a website where they put information about the company, products and news & events. However, realizing the need of an update content to align with current business portfolio and future business prospects as well as giving a fresher look for better user experience, Erajaya decided to redesign their website.

Solution: Redesigning the website to give fresher image and to align with business prospects

Website is the most important element in digital strategy. It is not only act as a showcase information about the company, the management and products, a website also acts as a place where potential clients get an understanding on how you present your business to the world and if they attract, they will make a contact. In order to give more professional look, Erajaya decided to redesign the website with the assistance of Suitmedia, a full-service digital agency that helps brand in digital transformation.

Creating a good impression through a nice homepage

In a website, a homepage is a very critical point, it will create the first impression about the website (company story, product/ service, contact us). At first, Erajaya’s homepage didn’t give much description on Erajaya’s image and value that will be conveyed to the user. Then, we decided to redesign the homepage by giving more attention to Erajaya’s story, value, product, and network as well. We designed main banner that will give a simple information about what the company does. We also gave highlights on the strength points of Erajaya through sliding banner that made the homepage more attractive. In order to make a good impression about Erajaya, we also placed some essentials information such as Erajaya network, business growth & performance, and news & events. Through these essentials’ information, the website will gain more trust from the visitors.

The homepage is designed by giving priority to a clean and simple structure thus the visitors will enjoy to explore more. We also made the homepage easy to read and quickly scannable, thus the visitors can absorb the information in a short time.

Real-time stock price

As the largest and most trusted companies in integrated mobile telecommunication device importer, distributor, and retailer, Erajaya wants to give a professional look in the website by showing Erajaya’s stock growth. Before the redesigning process, Erajaya’s stock growth was input manually by website administrator. To give a real-time stock data, we use Erajaya’s stock data provided by IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange) by using Application Programming Interface (API) which allows data transmission between one software product to another.

Inspiring career pages

Career pages is one of the most visited pages in the website. For Erajaya, we designed a career pages that acts as a communicative tool for the future and current employee. Through a brief description and ‘testimonial’ section, these will give a clear description about management style, working environment, culture and also benefits offered.

Conclusion: A website that reflects the company’s story, value, and future business prospects

Redesigning a website is not simply to give a fresher and updated look, it also recreates communication in a better way with the visitors. After redesign, Erajaya Website has more than 15k visitors with more than 34k pageviews. Hopefully, the ‘new’ Erajaya website can gain more visitor and boost the business prospects.