2021 - 2022
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: Build a different website with a different domain for a clear communication

GoPay is a one-stop center that allows us to effortlessly manage every e-transaction that can be used in Gojek application. GoPay is also a platform to grow a close-knit community surrounding shared business goals and success. GoPay’s features provide a lot of benefits for its users, such as Transactions in Gojek app; In-Store and online payment at GoPay merchants; Payment with PayLater for selected customers; and Other transactions such as transfer GoPay balance to other Gojek users or to a bank account if we have already upgraded our GoPay to GoPay Plus.

As a platform that already has many kinds of services and benefits, GoPay wanted a separate website with a different domain that was previously still incorporated with the Gojek website.

Solution: A whole new website that is communicative and sophisticated

They want to make a whole new independent website page for users’ convenience plus, they never want to become an ordinary company. We understood the briefs. These are things we did for GoPay’s own website, in order to create a communicative and sophisticated website:

  • In creating this UI Website design, we looked up from our reference benchmarks but make it still in line with Gojek’s UI style. As we previously analyzed and discussed the references that we offered, we adjusted the final design would be fit into the target and segmented audience of GoPay itself. Besides that, GoPay is still related to Gojek, the style and the overall web design we create must be in line with Gojek's own UI design.
  • Developed frontend and backend with a headless method

We currently prefer to build a website with the headless method, because Headless CMS is easier, faster, and more flexible to develop. A headless CMS is a back-end content management system in which the “body” of the content repository is separated or decoupled from the “head” of the presentation layer. Headless CMS content is delivered via APIs for seamless display across various devices. That’s the method we used for GoPay’s website.

Result: Release the new website on a new domain with an easier maintenance system

As per request, the final website developed by Suitmedia will be implemented on the new domain. Furthermore, the CMS will be operated by an internal team from GoPay. Now, we can guarantee the new website with the new domain will make users more convenient.