2022 - 2023

Challenges: Unintegrated and inaccessible information journey with slow website performance

RDIS (Regional Development Information System) is one of the official websites from IDX that focuses on the IDX Investment Gallery to introduce the Capital Market to academia. It is a collaboration between BEI, Universities, and Securities Companies to provide real time information to analyze stock trading activities and provide mutual benefits for economic practitioners, investors, and capital markets observers. Unfortunately, it has no system that integrates all information needed including keeping records and activities. RDIS still has to manually evaluate the performance of the Investment Gallery, which is time-consuming and inefficient.

Solutions: Website development by adding features that help public and internal users

In addition to giving solutions for the problems above, Suitmedia had conducted research on user needs and advised developing an RDIS website for users/participants and IDX. The RDIS website became a public and internal platform which is connected to the Investor Development Information System (IDIS). The public platform will allow the public to access information and register activities, while the internal platform will provide features that help KP, GI, AB, PWI, and IDX conduct evaluations.

Results: An improved website that facilitate accessible information for users

With the solution provided by Suitmedia, the RDIS website considerably assists and benefits users and is still heavily utilized today (2023). Even more, the website is constantly adding new features to help users in getting up-to-date information from IDX. Since the launch of the RDIS Live Website in January 2021, more than 25,000 activities have been running, with more than 300 registered and participating exchange members, and more than 700 registered Investment Galleries operating all across Indonesia. A significant amount is made of a more integrated website.