2020 - 2021
UX & Market Research, UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge : Website redesign for education and collaboration

Founded in Jakarta in 2012, IHWG or Indonesian Hydration Working Group is a collaboration project between FKUI (Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia) and PT. Tirta Investama (Danone-AQUA) in the form of a Public-Private Partnership to solve hydration problems in Indonesia. IHWG focuses on educating and improving public nutrition and health through various media campaigns to raise public awareness of the importance of proper hydration. Website is one of IHWG's communication platforms to do the campaign. So, it is essential for the audience to instantly get the idea of what is IHWG and how important proper hydration is from the very first page of the website.

Moreover, IHWG wants to redesign its website to improve its communication with its audiences and the general public. IHWG also wants to utilize its website more as a two-way communication channel to educate the public about hydration and health.

Solution : Every user needs packed in a minimalist design

Minimalist UX for easier and more enjoyable usage

Every UX design has to meet the user's needs. For this case, IHWG has two segmented users, one user is the public who needs information about hydration, and another one is for a company or government that wants to collaborate. Based on that, we decided to provide the general public awareness of healthy hydration right on the homepage so that users can easily get information about healthy hydration itself. For company or government that wants to collaborate, we accommodate all the information from the main menu.

We improve IHWG website UX by redesigning it to a clean and minimalist style: organized the submenus into six main menus on the header - which gives those two segmented users get everything they are looking for without them needing to ask about it. We also added a simple, visible, and fun navigation, which makes it easy for the viewers to find any menus or buttons across the website. Most importantly, we provided a good UX for collaborators (company or government who wants to collaborate) by ending the flow with a telephone icon on the header or at the very bottom of every page.

Enhance website features, content, and UI

Because IHWG focuses on providing information and education for the public, resources, and two-way communication for IHWG collaborators, minimalist UI design is the way to go. A minimalist UI design helps to create a clean look so it focuses the users’ attention on important content, also directly gives the viewer all information they’re looking for without extra elements. We got creative with the micro-interactions to create a satisfying feeling for the user while they are on the website.

To hold the users’ attention and make designs feel more personal, we added some animated interfaces on almost every page. We also provide an easy-to-use CMS for the future content update by IHWG, also to create a communication guideline for IHWG for a content update by IHWG.

Result : A fresh and satisfying website

This website has succeeded in becoming an IHWG communication platform by educating the public about the importance of proper hydration online. It is proven by the existing data of 5,029 users and an engagement rate of 54.29% from the IHWG website. Also, with a user-friendly website and display that makes users hesitant to leave, it will surely inspire many parties to organize collaborative projects with IHWG.