Matahari Department Store
Web Development

Challenge: To give customers a glimpse of fashion trends in just one click away

Known as a retailer of apparel, accessories, beauty products and homeware that targets fashion conscious, value-minded consumers, Matahari has been trusted by local and international suppliers and has been a fixture on Indonesia’s retail scene for almost six decades, making Matahari the department store of choice for Indonesia’s burgeoning middle class. 

Customers who traditionally frequented its department stores were now looking for digital channels. To accommodate the needs for Matahari’s digital presence, Matahari has to refresh its digital assets by creating website and give the audience a glimpse of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends in just one click away.

Solution: We successfully created the up-to-the-minute digital catalog

We set out to build an experience that aligned with Matahari’s casual and fashionable attitude, and that meant telling stories and connecting with users. Suitmedia created a website that offers the digital catalog functionality to provide some features about their latest news, promotions, and events regularly. Through the new Matahari website, users are able to gain insight about daily fashion and beauty trends through visual, intriguing messages, and convenient fashion tips and tricks.