E-Commerce Solutions

Challenge: How to create an effective platform that can amplify the power of salesforce

Columbia, also known as “Columbia Cash & Credit” is the pioneer retail chain store with installment options for customers in Indonesia since 1982.  Until now, Columbia has 6.500 salesman to sell electronics, furniture and other home appliance product with traditional approach. Sales, however, in the traditional sense, is becoming less effective and mostly our target market today love to shop online. With that in mind, Columbia tried to improve their sales performance and blending traditional and digital marketing. Then, they tapped Suitmedia to make it happen.

Solution: Design an easy-to-use platform with easy social share tools

The first thing we do, we created a home page that can define, since the name is still new to the target consumers. We directly let people know who they are and why they’re here by creating a brief explanation and a precise call-to-action to encourage people to create an online store on the site. We provide them with content that is informative enough to answer their questions, but compelling enough to hold their attention.

We also made the site easy to navigate, no one likes to be confused or inconvenienced. Hence, we built a sleek and modern layout. We need to remember that going for a simple layout instead of a complex one is the key to keeping readers interested. A lot of elements, images, colors and different shapes in a page can make a site look more like an infomercial and causes the readers to leave because they’re uncomfortable. Beside to give the visitors an attractive look that will keep them around, this design also makes it easier for users to find or buy products, or become the salesperson.

However, a beautiful e-commerce design is meaningless if it doesn’t lead to sales. To enhance the sales potential, we make it easy for the salesperson to share their products and promote it into their social media, such as Facebook and Twitter; also instant messenger, such as WhatsApp and Line.

This is where the power of your social media and instant messenger will become fully realized, especially when it comes to helping people to generate sales. People buy from salespeople they like and close to. Their network of friends and family on their social media will most likely be their easiest first sales. This site has been succeeded to become a powerful platform to increase sales and spread the word of mouth of the Columbia products.