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Challenge: Make a fully-functional procurement mobile application is an Indonesian e-procurement in a mobile app form created by Suitmedia and managed by KM Firm and partners. This mobile app is basically a digital aggregator where company that needs help and the expertise meet. This platform is able to show the open vendor project (LPSE) for them who needed something that is credible in its field.            

What is procurement? Procurement of goods / services is essentially an attempt by the user to obtain or realize the goods / services it needs, by using certain methods and processes in order to reach agreement on specifications, prices, time, and other agreements. The government has an important role in the success of national development in order to improve public services, both central and regional. The objectives in the system of government procurement of goods / services based on Presidential Decree no. 16 of 2018, such as increasing the use of domestic production, increasing the participation of micro, small and medium enterprises, increasing creative industry participation, encouraging economic equality, and many more.

The main objectives of itself are to enlarge the brand awareness of the B2B website and converting the visitors and make them interested to join as a paid membership of Pengadaan.ID. Along with those main objectives, we have to make this e-procurement mobile app as useful and inviting as possible.

Solution: A one-stop solution for procurement

Compact features

As a digital agency that specialized in developing mobile application, we decided to have this product as simple as it gets but still very functional, that makes this mobile app be the one-stop solution for any procurements online. This procurement application displays a list and details of the tenders and packages collected of various public and private e-procurement services. Here are some of the main features of

  1. User Configuration: The users can define the tender criteria to be displayed on the application homepage based on keywords, sources procurement services, tender category, budget size, and location for tender work.
  2. Tender Information: The application will display lists of tenders according to the arrangement users as well as detailed information on the tender including the due date submission, ceiling price, location of work, current tender stage, and qualification method.
  3. Search: Users can more find tenders, LPSE as well instances with keyword searches easily.
  4. Monitor Tender: User can create a personal watch list for certain tenders
  5. Message: The user will receive an information message if a new tender appears according to the specified criteria

Besides those main features, we also add more “sprinkles” to make this app really is a one-stop solution, such as: news, training, learning, law, and forum. With the existence of these features, we believe that users will stay on this website constantly, because they don’t need another website to get information and help while they have accessed 

Integrated with social media

Not just specialized of developing mobile applications, we also have a specialization to a marketing strategy. According to digital marketing and social media expert Pam Moore, it takes five to seven interactions before a consumer remembers a brand. Therefore, social media integration is important because it gives your website visitors a simple and fast method to connect with your brand on their preferred channel, which gives you more chances to interact with them. The easier you make it for your customers to interact with your brand, the more conversions you will make. That is basically what we do with this project, we integrate this application with our social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Not to forget, we also have to have our own website to improve SEO, increase leads, introduce the flexibility, distribute content, and to say the least – look professional.

Conclusion: A procurement mobile app that is very built-in and practical

With this one-stop solution procurement mobile app will open more opportunities and an easy-access as well for all of the tenders and the users. This mobile app is very practical too, all of the business can be done by just one click in your hand. We hope that this application will help to accomplish the goals of and the objectives in the system of government procurement of goods / services based on Presidential Decree no. 16 of 2018 as well.