Rumah Zakat
2017 - 2018
Brand Development, UX & UI Design, Web Development, iOS & Android Development

Challenge: How to build trust so that people want to share their happiness by giving donation through website and mobile apps

The best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others. Previously started as a movement initiated by Rumah Zakat in 2015, SharingHappiness is enacted as online donation website which facilitates social and humanity programs. Since its launch, has raised Rp24 billion from 25,000 donors and successfully funded 280 social projects until March 2018.

In collaboration with Suitmedia, SharingHappiness strives to deliver the best online donation experience through better websites and mobile apps, thus there will be more people who can put their trust to donate through those platforms and share their happiness to others.

Solution: Give the donors a hassle free donation experience anytime and anywhere

As the Indonesian people are very fond of using online applications, then ease of sharing features improvement for users is needed in crowdfunding website. The website is now delivering a wide selection of humanity social programs, such as Desa Berdaya, Education, and Humanity Act. Donors also have a dashboard feature where they can see program developments, donation processes, and wishlist that allow users to save and check their favorite programs list. The user-friendly features are packed with clean, simple, and informative designs that increase the desire of donors to make donations in various SharingHappiness programs. The donation process is also easy to use without many steps to take.

Optimization of digital technology is also conducted as a step to attract the new donors as well as maintain the existing donators at anytime and anywhere as presented in Mobile Application. Through the presence of SharingHappiness mobile application, share happiness is easier only at your finger. Users can donate, monitor the followed program, and get the latest information in accordance with the domain of user care

With simple, clean, and informative design, the website has successfully increased its pageviews at +206%, monthly visitors at +299%, and sessions at +279% in 17 days after days after the new website launched. Both website and its mobile application have become more trusted and successfully raise various donations to realize real act of sharing happiness.