UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: To provide less bureaucracy and more convenience

Every Indonesian must be desired less bureaucracy in getting public information and using public services. Fortunately, Open Government Indonesia (Presidential Work Unit for Development Monitoring and Control) has understood about these public needs and they were looking for a solution to provide convenience to the public in obtaining information about public services in Indonesia. .

Working together with Suitmedia, we aimed to build a platform, which are easy to access and easy to use. The challenges are how to gather all information about public services in Indonesia and wrapped it up in one stop information portal with impressive user experience in order to make it easier for users to utilize the platform to the fullest. This platform also has to be flexible and become a free space for public to give opinions or ask for further information about public services in Indonesia. 

Solution: An innovation for better public services

We have integrated information of 360 government services from more than 17 divisions, in one site for the first time, called, allowing users instantly access full description about government services In Indonesia. We designed a simple and clean look with grid layout which are perfect for users to choose the type of services’ information they need most. It also equipped with searching tool to make users searching info they’re looking for with ease. We also has been giving citizens a voice through discussion column. 

We created all of it on the site with mobile friendly manner to deliver its services info to Indonesian citizens anywhere, anytime, on nearly any device or platform. has become a success example of how the government can and should be serving its citizens of the future.