iOS & Android Development

Challenge: How to optimize the application function, usability, and design

Educational management has always been a challenging task for professional education institutes. Therefore, Schoolmedia brings its presence with a vision to simplify and transforming education management and its quality around the country.

As an online platform, Schoolmedia helps to facilitate schools to improve the learning content for students, teachers competency, efficiency of human resources, and to save budget for the school’s computer information technology infrastructure.

Schoolmedia was looking forward to ensure that the application is intuitive and easy-to-use by the users. Suitmedia partnered with Schoolmedia to help in optimizing the application function and design, also create features that can help schools to manage their educational needs better.

Solution: a simple and intuitive design to create an enjoyable platform for online learning

To make it appealing to students, which are digital kids who play social media a lot, we made a Schoolmedia application look and function much like Facebook. But unlike Facebook, it's a controlled environment that teachers can effectively leverage to encourage class engagement.

The platform allows teachers and students to share ideas. It also can be used by teachers to engage students in creative ways, distribute learning content, encourage collaboration and inspire discussion among even soft-spoken students. For some students, however, online discussions are less intimidating to participate in.

In this application, students are able to create their own account; share status updates; give likes and comments; upload photos; write notes; read news, schedules, and educational tips and tricks from their school.

Online Test Feature

One interesting feature from this application is the ability to do exam online. This feature is simple and effective, it's clear how to take the exam and answer the questions. This application also equipped with an exam countdown timer to let students know how much time is left while taking exams. It shows current, start and finish times. Moreover, students are able to see their exam result after their exam has finished.

This application and its features have succeeded to help teachers to improve and simplify education and teaching process. Teachers also have learned how to integrate technology in their classrooms and students are getting more interested in learning with technology.