Surya Citra Media
Brand Development, UI/UX Design, Web Development, Content Creation

Challenge: Eliminating the barriers between SCM and their audience and stakeholders

The media industry is now one of the most emerging industries in Indonesia. People need the media as a window to see the other side of the world. Seeing this, PT Surya Citra Media, Tbk (SCM) through their two biggest national TV channel, Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV) and Indosiar Visual Mandiri (Indosiar), and also their other supporting businesses are always committed to supporting Indonesian audience’s needs by providing reliable, educating, and entertaining programs.

The vision of SCM is to be Indonesia’s most leading entertainment and information provider. SCM also has the mission to be the first choice when people are looking for entertaining, educating, and also high-quality content. To be the most leading and the top of mind for Indonesian audience, SCM first has to introduce themselves. SCM needs to find a way to reach every stakeholder effectively.

Solution: Building better UI and highlight the most important information for the stakeholders

The internet is the most effective medium to reach almost every part of the world. Nearly everything can be shared and connected to the internet. Realizing this, we understand that internet is a way to introduce SCM to Indonesian audience and other stakeholders. A website can be helpful to spread the information about who is SCM, what they do, and what are their goals.

We realize that Indonesian audience and SCM’s stakeholder such as corporates and investors really differ in their background. A simple, responsive, yet easy to use website is a good way to approach the stakeholders and give them the information they need about the company. Our objective is to make a modern and responsive site that is easy to navigate so that users can easily understand the company’s vision, mission, culture, and values.

There are some things we wanted to improve from the former SCM’s website. We wanted to make whoever access the website can leave with more understanding about SCM and what they have done for Indonesian audience and also what has been happening inside SCM. With the new website, we allow SCM to be more open and inclusive.

Under the “Usaha Kami” (our business) tab, people can see SCM’s branch company. From this tab, people will learn that SCM is not just about their two biggest TV channels, but also other businesses such as production and management houses. Under the “Tata Kelola” (corporate governance) and “Hubungan Investor” (investor relation), those who access the website can find and download documents such as financial reports, press release, and SCM’s stock information. With this, we want to prove that SCM is transparent to show what has been happening inside the company and SCM wants their stakeholder to take part in everything they do.

We also make the website accessible and responsive on smartphones. By doing so, we make sure it is possible for SCM’s stakeholder to access every update about SCM anytime anywhere through their smartphone.

With every features given and we believe that the new SCM’s corporate website will bring SCM closer to Indonesian audience and stakeholders. By bringing more effective UI & UX, also useful content, has successfully increased the session duration or the average time spent by users on their website as much as 24,4% as per April 2018.