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Challenge: Building a platform to promote a healthy lifestyle

SESA is a producer and distributor of healthy, organic food. Valuing life as something beautiful, SESA’s owner believes that people should also be able to live their lives beautifully by implementing a healthy lifestyle that fulfills their needs.


As a new brand, SESA needs a platform to introduce, sell, and promote their healthy food to potential consumers. It doesn’t stop there, SESA also wants its consumers to find the right solution to their health problems by giving recommendations and suggestions regarding healthy life choices.


Solution: Developing an e-commerce to help their audience live healthier

Healthy food and organic food are often associated with pricy, complicated food that tastes bland. The case is different with SESA. SESA seeks for perfection; they want to sell food that is tasty, healthy, and easy to make. With these unique selling points, SESA needs Suitmedia’s help to develop an e-commerce website to increase its unique brand awareness and sell its healthy food to the public.

Suitmedia started by conducting a benchmarking analysis to see if SESA can compete with their competitors in the healthy food department and reach their potential customer. Suitmedia then proceeds by designing a suitable website for SESA that is in line with SESA’s character and purpose of making this brand in the first place: helping people achieve a healthier life.

Suitmedia also proposed numerous suggestions so that SESA’s consumers can have an exceptionally great UI/UX experience when they are visiting SESA’s website. The effectiveness and versatility of a website is the key to maintain loyal customers and attract future customers. SESA’s website was made in the purpose of educating its customers about the composition of the food that they choose to eat. Therefore, every time a customer chooses one of SESA’s products, they will see exactly what that product contains, along with its serving suggestions from SESA’s chef.

The design layout is simple but effective, and easy to navigate without being too much of a hassle for customers. This way, customers will face no difficulties in searching for information inside the SESA’s website or checkout process when they want to buy SESA’s products.

Further on, Suitmedia develops this website carefully through the process of staging, UAT, until it is ready to enter the final stage of live production. After this website is officially live, SESA can finally distribute their healthy food while educating their target market in the hope of helping them achieve healthier life in the future.