UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: To make Seratusinstitute more interesting and user friendly

Sinotif is an offline-based tutoring institution specifically for Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. On the online learning platform, Sinotif launched Seratusintitute to accommodate students' needs for flexible learning. SeratusInstitute comes with various video lessons that students can experience learning directed by the teacher in private. Seratusinstitute provides tutorial videos that can be played repeatedly as needed until students understand the whole point of the lesson.  

As an online-based tutoring institution, Seratusinstitute needs a fresh new look to reflect the enthusiasm of learning from its users. Also, a more user-friendly interface to be used by its students

Solution: A simple & functional website that offers convenience to learn online

To make online learning more exciting and comfortable, Suitmedia collaborates with Sinotif to present a new face and experience of Seratusinstitute that can provide a fun and informative online learning experience. We redesigned the UI and UX of the website and made additional features. Currently, Seratusintitute focuses on three main features, namely Tanya Soal, Belajar Kelompok, dan Media Sosial. These features are expected to increase the interaction between teachers, students, and parents. Also, we made some enhancements to improve the user experience. We add a video resolution filter into several different sizes so that users can access videos according to access speed. We customize the question bank, add accessibility features for parents to see their children's learning progress. We also provide teachers with their dashboard for teaching activities.
To make the website look customizable when accessed via mobile, we implement a mobile responsive web. We also did bug fixing so that videos can be played in all browsers.

Result: A fresh new look and easy access flow of Seratusintitute website

This website succeeds in bringing convenience to users when doing online learning. A user-friendly website with an attractive appearance and comprehensive learning materials bring an opportunity for Seratusinstitute and Sinotif to be successful in the field of the online tutoring industry.