SMI Timesheet
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: How to improve efficiency on project data entry for employee

PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) (PT SMI) is a company engaged in infrastructure project financing. The Company focus is divided on two main focuses, which are optimizing the economic and social benefits for the communities and supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as mitigating the climate changes. Through consultation services, PT SMI has supported the realization of projects worth of trillions. As the Company’s projects increases year by year, there is a need on an application to simplify data entry as well as project monitoring.

Solution: Timesheet application for efficient time management & data entry

In order to realize PT SMI vision and mission in accelerating national infrastructure development and provide quality services, PT SMI needs a better strategy that can improve efficiency and effectiveness which lead into better productivity. Realizing the situation faced by PT SMI, for second time - Suitmedia as a full-service digital agency which experts in web and mobile development creates solution by developing a timesheet application.

Initially, SMI Timesheet is built with the purpose to simplify entry data process in timesheet, to monitor and tracking team’s activity related on project as well as to increase application accessibility thus it can be accessed from mobile device.

The application is divided into three functions. The first, Input Timesheet is used by the employee to input working time in each task and project per week. Second, Approval Timesheet is used by project manager to approve or reject the working time input by the employee. Third, Monitoring Timesheet can be used by user to view timesheet summary based on user role (Employee, Kadiv, Project Manager, Admin).

User friendliness is applied in SMI Timesheet for user convenience. The timesheet is designed in format schedule whether in daily, weekly, or monthly based on user preferences and device resolution.  Timesheet review is available for viewing or making correction/ revision on the data entry of man-hour per project team member. Timesheet can be made through mobile devices in Android, IOS, and responsive website.

Conclusion: Well-maintained project with timesheet management

Dealing with a lot of projects means that you have to deal with complex data entry and project management. Through SMI Timesheet, those complexities are being simplified and organized. Hopefully, SMI Timesheet will increase the performance of PT SMI projects for sustainable infrastructure development.