Sweety Diapers
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Challenge: How to drive more returning visitors and much more engagement.

Sweety is a diaper brand under PT Softex Indonesia which has mastered the market and gained consumer trust. Since its launch in 2003, the brand has been progressively growing and becoming one of the top diaper brands in Indonesia.

To maintain its position as one of the market leaders, Sweety decided to strengthen its position in digital by enhancing their online assets, including their existing website. They wanted to take online user engagement seriously and they were looking for a strategy to drive maximum traffic to their website.

Solution: Building strong and meaningful relationships on the site through a reward system

Sweety tapped Suitmedia to revamp their existing website and boost its performance. With the new website, we hoped to improve the site structure and the user journey so that we can bring a more engaging and convenient experience to the users.

First thing first, we gathered data on the existing user journey and mapped out everything. We focused on telling a story that connected to the brand products’ USPs and users’ needs. All information on the site was restructured to create a better user flow and make it more intuitive and easy to navigate. We also focused on visual styling improvements by implementing a clean and fresher design. We implemented big images and utilized white space to help the right things stand out and minimize distractions so that users can browse the site easily.

The old website was still lacking in elements which can drive engagement on the site. Hence, we added new features to the site that have the potential to drive more engagement on the site, such as Sweety Talks and Point Rewards.

Sweety Talks is a forum for Moms to discuss all information and concerns about baby and motherhood. It brings users together in a central location where they can actively interact with each other on the site. To drive more engagement, we also implemented Point Rewards which makes brand loyalty programs even more engaging.

As we have known, rewards fuel motivation. They incentivize users to carry out certain actions. It gives users something that will make them feel good and help them build positive perceptions of the brand. Point Rewards also an amazing tool to increases the number of customers that repeat return to the site.

Users can get their points by doing activities on the website, such as reading articles and giving comments on it, being active on forums, watching videos. Users also rewarded by being social when they’re sharing the site’s article to their social media. The collected points can be used to redeem vouchers or gifts. From points gathered, users can increase their badge from, bronze, silver, to gold. Users with higher ranks will have better benefits and privileges. By using points and badges, users will feel motivated to succeed. These outward rewards are indicators of accomplishments and interests. Badges in particular also are a great way to help with brand recognition and increase user loyalty. Using badges at certain milestones will make the audience feel motivated and eager to collect a whole set.

Bring more traffic to the new site through SEO

In addition to maintaining retention from existing users, we also made a strategy to attract new users by implementing SEO (search engine optimization), both on-page and off-page. SEO is important not only for getting high-quality visitors from search, but it’s also a way to improve the user-friendliness of the website and increase its credibility. We implement on-page SEO by creating meaningful and useful articles needed by the target audience, completed by keywords that are most sought after by the target audience on the search engines. For off-page SEO, we spread interesting articles related to Sweety products and target audience interests on various relevant forums, so that the awareness of Sweety products becomes even wider.

The combination of clean design, engagement strategy, and search engine optimization that implemented on has successfully increased the number of new visitors at +80.2% in 30 days after the new website launched. The number of website performance is consistently growing until now, with increased total users at +206.81%, sessions at +220.52%, page views at +278.02%, and decreased bounce rate at -8.05% at the end of October 2018.