UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: How to make the outdated design outstanding again

If you’re an Indonesian, you might be ever heard a local department store named Tiptop that is focused on selling Halal foods and goods.  However, if we compare Tiptop with its competitors, the brand awareness of the shop is considered still low. Thus, Tiptop wanted to take their marketing game into digital by improving their digital presence, especially their website. Their existing website was outdated, not well-organized, and not mobile friendly. For that reason, Tiptop asked Suitmedia to redesign their site to make it more attractive and effective.

Solution: Create a balanced relationship between user interface and user experience

As we have known, the beauty of the graphic design, the quality of content, and the reputation of a company matters little if a website is clunky and hard to navigate. Yes, UX is everything to a website redesign. Then, we made the Tiptop website design so fluid, both on desktop and mobile, and so intuitive that visitors can easily find the information they need without frustration. We created the information architecture carefully for the new website to organize and prioritize all of the content that we plan to have on the site and keep its core focus. Once we have an idea of how the site will be structured, we converted that plan into the navigation menus and create a secondary menu that contains more links to the less prominent pages on the site.

Besides optimizing the navigation, we also created a modern and clean design to create the best user experience. A clean web design has the advantage of being simple and functional which means that it is likely for it to be successful. We avoid at all costs a cluttered design, with elements that you don’t necessarily need on the page.

Simple Designs also load faster. Simple designs generally result in smaller file sizes and smaller files load faster. Content is also more “Scannable”, there are no more tons of complicated decorative elements in the site’s design. Moreover, we were also focused on content that will be supporting offline sales, such as promo highlight, product catalogue, store locator, and membership card benefits. After the website development process has done, this site successfully increasing Tiptop brand awareness, building brand loyalty, and bring more customers to their offline stores.