Yamaha Motor Indonesia
2016 - 2019
UX & UI Design, Web Development, E-Commerce Solutions

Challenge: How to create an easy journey to book the newest Yamaha motorbikes

As we have known, Indonesia has a huge market that’s crazy about motorbikes, where motorbike sales outstrip car sales.  Yamaha Motor Indonesia itself is one of the market leaders in the motorbike industry in Indonesia. However, new product launching was always a complicated process for them because they had to face a lot of challenges, such as technical challenges, distribution challenges, promotional challenges, etc. Those challenges have led Yamaha Motor Indonesia to push the boundaries and discover the best way to commercialize and launch their newest motorcycles to the market. For that reason, they tapped Suitmedia to help them execute an online strategy that complements their traditional marketing for a motorbike launch and simplify their selling operation.

Solution: Make an online booking site as simple and straightforward as possible

We decided to make an online booking site to provide an easy journey for motorbike enthusiasts to get the newest motorbike from Yamaha. In this app, we provided all information about the motorbike and helped users to check out what Yamaha has to offer, in terms of price, power, comfort, features, etc.

Keeping people engaged on the site is important to encourage them to book straight away. For that reason, we made a fluid and streamlined application that helps to put prospective customers on a journey, moving them towards the ultimate aim – a completed booking. The key thing is to look at both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). The best way to do this is to think of it as a journey, with a clearly defined path from start to finish.

We reduced the chances of them having second thoughts. By using this application, users only need to fill out basic information about them; choose the vehicle; choose the payment method, which are cash or credit; choose the dealer, confirm the payment, and then they will get their dream motorbike easily. Every journey made to encourage users to go ahead and book the new motorbike.

Not to mention the navigation of the site, which is very simple. We took away unnecessary clutter as this dilutes the important information. We made sure that the pages are quick to load and not be filled with heavy content. We bore this in mind when creating website content – don’t be too elaborate, avoid waffling, and keep things short and sweet. Instead of making heavy content, we chose to create prominent calls-to-action that are important for conversion. This online booking site has helped Yamaha Motor Indonesia to organize customers’ data and simplify sales operation. This site also successfully provides buyers with the peace of mind they might not have when buying from an unknown vendor or site.