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Challenge: To develop an e-commerce for pesantren

Pesantren Al-Ittifaq is an Islamic boarding school (Pesantren) with the biggest and full-grown agrobusiness equipped with digital farming in West Java. As the largest pesantren in agrobusiness, Pesantren Al-Ittifaq also collaborates and conducts business training with 20 Islamic boarding schools in West Java and Riau in the form of Pesantren holding businesses. As the business grows, Pesantren Al-Ittifaq and other pesantren partners need a marketing platform which able to market products online. To accommodate these needs, a virtual Islamic boarding school called Alifmart was developed, which is managed directly by Pesantren Al-Ittifaq.

Solution:  Building a B2B2C marketplace platform that can accommodate both B2B and B2C hybrid business models

In accordance with the need for a virtual market that is able to accommodate B2B and B2C markets simultaneously, Suitmedia - a digital agency specialized in developing e-commerce, is decided to develop a B2B2C hybrid platform. This B2B2C hybrid platform is considered to be the appropriate mechanism to reach both individual consumers and businesses.

The features at Alifmart are made to facilitate management, transaction and management needs, and most importantly, an easy to use platform for both the Pesantren Al-Ittifaq and other pesantren partners. We created several feature concepts that can facilitate the management needs of Al-Ittifaq for the seller's pesantren and the seller's pesantren for their commodities. We also conceptualized a feature that can help Al-Ittifaq manage and monitor transaction performance on the platform.

Result: Creating an online market platform design concept that is easy to use by Al-Ittifaq, sellers, and buyers.

We compile various features ranging from product catalogs, purchasing mechanisms, promos, seller centers, CMS admin to customer care features. We design a comprehensive integrated market platform that can meet the needs of each party well, without neglecting the aspect of ease of use. After launching, Alifmart has gained 21 new users with 152 pageviews. Hopefully, as Alifmart grows and gains new costumer, the virtual market will become one of the most considered virtual markets in Indonesia.