UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: How to increase brand awareness and revenue digitally is a Singapore-based company that is focused on the traveling field. They offer plenty of liveaboard diving packages, including the cabin rental with a fun itinerary to explore magnificent diving spots.

What they have to do as a new business in the traveling field is to introduce, sell, and promote their products and services to potential customers. In today’s digital world, needs an effective platform to make them more discoverable online and make it easier for their target market to book diving packages online anytime and anywhere.

Solution: An informative & functional website that offers convenience to book online

In this digital era, businesses need to create websites as a tool to increase credibility, reach a wider target market, and optimize marketing. So, Suitmedia partnered with to create a website as a tool for the company to promote its products and make massive sales.

A website with a brief user flow

We wanted to create a platform that would bring together all the essential elements to get the best out of diving trips: the best destinations information, the best spots list, the trip options, and the convenience in booking the diving package. All that information can be accessed by users immediately with quick and easy navigation and a brief user flow. We developed the website to be fully functional, where content and images load rapidly. The search system on the website is simple and easy to navigate. The website also has filtering features that makes searching fast and accurate.

On the website, users don’t have to sign up or sign in to book a trip, they can directly book as a guest. That’s a convenient option to eliminate traditional form-filling, which can turn away potential users. Users also can immediately choose their desired liveaboard trips with the itinerary details. Moreover, they can directly check for the availability and secure a booking with safe payment options.

The main benefit of designing a brief user flow where users can get “in the zone” quickly is the ability to increase the probability of a user purchasing or booking for the client’s product or services. Another benefit is enhancing the ease of movement through the platform, making sure the users’ time isn’t being wasted looking for what to do next. It also minimizes the risk of users to switch to another website.

A responsive website with a modern interface

Today, most people browse the Internet on their phones or tablets, especially when traveling. Thus, we had to develop a responsive website that adapts itself automatically to all sorts of screen devices, whether it’s being opened on the phone, tablet, or PC. We also placed a clear structure and menu at the top of the site that makes navigation simple and effortless. Users can find all the information they are searching for quickly and easily.

For the interface, we decided to choose a simple and light design that accentuates the brand. The design transcribes the brand positioning at first glance with sky-blue color and beach graphics that bringing the vibes of traveling and diving activities.

Quick and secure payment gateways

Providing quick and secure payment gateways are important for customer convenience. Payment gateways also offer added services like real-time notifications, automatic payments confirmations, and dedicated customer support teams. In, we integrate three payment gateways, stripe (credit card), PayPal, bank transfer that mostly use by global customers. These payment gateways surely will build more trust, credibility, systematic business, and secure marketplace for

Result: An effective platform that helps to reach the business goals

This website has become an important tool for the brand’s marketing to gain a competitive advantage and to generate revenue. It also successfully brings convenience for users who are looking for all things diving information online and a seamless diving package booking experience. This website opens up a better chance for the brand to be successful in the traveling industry.