UI/UX Design

Challenge: How to create a simple path for employees to advance their knowledge and skills

Seeking to achieve the greatest return from their human capital management, ANZ Indonesia treats their employees like a true investment. They believe that their employees are the main asset of the corporation, thus the company always been providing training, such as a learning fair event, which has been held every year, as a room for employees to enhance their skills, knowledge, and experiences. However, a changing workforce and advances in information technology have forced ANZ corporate leaders to examine and re-evaluate how they manage all things about the event. In response, ANZ Indonesia tapped Suitmedia to provide the best way to communicate the event to the employees and help the employees to choose the courses that suit them best.

Solution: A digital experience to simplify and integrate the entire process of ANZ Learning Fair management

No matter what, these days, every event needs its own site. A microsite is important to provide details and uncluttered information for the event attendees. Thus, Suitmedia set out to design a microsite for ANZ Learning Fair to create a simple path for employees to access all information about the event. The clean design was created to make employees easily find information about the schedules, speakers, and event locations. We also created an easy and efficient user journey by giving the employees a step-by-step guide to register online through the microsite. After they registered, they will get a barcode to be used to attend the event.

As we have known, each employee has their own work behaviors or interests, and it’s important for them to re-examine their own personality in order to choose the most suitable learning courses for them. For that reason, we equipped the microsite with an online employee personality assessment. They can get the result instantly and it’s very helpful for employees to find the necessary skills or knowledge they need to develop. The site has been helping ANZ Indonesia to deliver the right trainings for the right employees.

ANZ Indonesia also wanted their employees to utilize the learning courses and get a lot of benefits from it. Therefore, we motivated the employees to attend the courses by giving points to their profile account in the microsite each time they attend the courses or get involved actively in the class. For employees who can’t make it to the event, they were still able to get the knowledge from those learning courses because they could see the event live stream through the site. This microsite has become an important part of ANZ human capital management to shape highly skilled employees that deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction and boosting their reputation in the banking industry.