Akademi Televisi Indonesia
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: How to boost enrollment, engagement & brand awareness

ATVI, is an Indonesian vocational television academy under PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi (EMTEK) which promotes the benefits for its students to be able to study hands on application of their profession in television channels the academy affiliated to EMTEK’s subsidiary company, like Indosiar, SCTV and O Channel.

Currently, ATVI has committed to produce competent graduates who ready to work and having innovation as broadcaster, television staff, social media influencer, film maker and other thrilling profession in multimedia industry. However, ATVI website has become monotonous, poor user experience and unresponsive on mobile device

Solution: A Responsive & comfortable site for prospective student, student & parents

Redesigning a university website is the most effective & cost-efficient way to attract the attention of prospective student, existing student, and parents.

Improve user experience through information architecture rework

Simplicity aids understanding, it allows us to focus better compare to complexity. In order to improve user experience, we decided to optimize ATVI’s architecture. This optimization will help any site better while maintaining user as the focus. In ATVI case, the information flow was unclear, filled with some information which is not irrelevant to students, even to the prospective students. Based on this fact, we changed the information flow, prioritize it according to user need, starting from title section, about ATVI, study program to the news & events.

We also change the main menu to be more compact by recognizing the most main category and removing menus that link to outside site. Menu in a site should only navigate to pages in site.

Responsive site for maximizing user experience

Nowadays, people tend to access internet through mobile device, thus a site that can detect the type of device and optimize the way the content is displayed. A responsive web design is a solution for a wider range of user in a wider range of devices and this is what we are going to do with ATVI website.

We also put call to action (CTA) front and center, this allow prospective students & parents to get information about ATVI, register, even to make a visit to ATVI. This CTA’s button will help ATVI marketing program and attract more conversion to the website.

Result: Introducing the new ATVI’s website

Enhancing user experience in ATVI website leads visitor to the information they really need, study programs and its application. This also bring positive impact to university business’s goals by maximizing the return on investment by redesigning ATVI website. Shortly, after ATVI’s new website launch on June 2019, the average visit duration reached 19:08 seconds, compared to before its revamp which only reach 06:29 seconds (as per May 2019).