Bali United
2016 - 2017
Brand Development, UX & UI Design, iOS & Android Development

Challenge: To bring Bali United closer to the fans

If you are a die-hard supporter of Indonesian football, you must have been familiar with Bali United. Bali United itself is a professional football club from Bali, Indonesia, and it was established in 1989 as a club named Putra Samarinda before they’ve changed their name to Bali United Pusam in 2014. Bali United is also known as Serdadu Tridatu and their fans are called Semeton Dewata.

The increasing number of Semeton Dewata member makes it more challenging for Bali United to spread interesting news and what’s what to all Semeton Dewata all over Indonesia fastly. Thus, Bali United needs a medium that allows them to connect with their fans anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, they need a channel to bolster their engagement with all members of Semeton Dewata.

Solution: All in one interactive mobile application

An effective and engaging fan base mobile application is not depending on one-way communication from the club to the fans. Besides giving information, we believe that a mobile application should bring interactivity to create rich experiences to the fan base.

We want every fan of Bali United to feel the euphoria of the match by delivering the field experience to the fans wherever they are. Using Bali United mobile application, Semeton Dewata will be able to watch every single Bali United match by streaming the matches live from their smartphone. This app will keep the fans in touch with the game even when they can’t watch the live match in the field or when they can't get near a TV. The fans also don’t need to worry about missing the matches since the mobile app also provides the schedule for upcoming matches.

After each match, the results will be shown immediately on the application. Aside from that, we manage to make users enjoy using the application even more by offering quizzes after the match was finished and there are prizes waiting for those who win the quizzes.

Along with the other features, we introduce a point system. The more active, the bigger chance for users to get as many points as possible. The points can be redeemed to win enticing prizes that underline the advantages as a part of Semeton Dewata, such as free regular and VIP Bali United home tickets, trip to the stadium with Bali United club members, discount for Bali United merchandise, and free PSG Academy registration fee.

The features explained above, veiled with simple and clean design, successfully made the mobile app as a fun, entertaining, and engaging platform that can bring Bali United closer to each member of Semeton Dewata.