Bank Fama
Brand Development, UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: How to create better relationship with the customer?

Established in November 1993, Bank Fama has made its business focus on the needs of retail customers of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME). Bank Fama always strive to grow healthy and hold to the principle of prudence. Bank Fama has proved its endurance when economic crisis occurred in Indonesia. Bank Fama becomes one of the banks that is not affected by the economic crisis and steadily grows with government assistance.

In order to fulfill customer needs for complete information and news, Bank Fama needs a fresh and modern website. Then, Suitmedia came up with the idea to revamp the website, focusing on Bank Fama service excellence.

Solution: A customer-oriented website

In this digital era, website holds the most important touchpoint especially in banking industry. To answer this challenge, Suitmedia provides powerful visual and user experience to customers.

The UX that meets the needs of the users

Our goal for Bank Fama website is to provide the banking services to meet the needs of the users with bank features. These services must be user friendly and easy to use. We make a clear and simple information architecture for users to browse banking information easier and faster. Products and services are highlighted in the main menu thus it will make the user easier to find and choose the product/service they need. At the homepage, we also put several important information such as newest article, calculator and interest rate information, these information surely will keep up-to-date about news in banking industry.

Follow the rules to create a sense of professionalism

At previous Bank Fama’s website, they didn’t provide complete feature/ information about corporate governance, investor relation and other things that should be featured in modern banking website. In order to boost positive professional image as well as to follow OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) rules, we add some sub-menus that focused on Bank Fama’s performance year by year.

Result: Improved customer service and customer experience

In redesigning a website, we established a brand, communications and technologies which allowed us to tell customer that we care about their personal journey, not merely a business matter. Our strategy in redesigning Bank Fama’s website has gained positive results as seen in user engagement where pages/ session is at 2.7, average session duration 02:42 and bounce rate 51% from its first launch to October 2018.