Bisnis Indonesia
2010 - 2012
Web Development, iOS & Android Development, UI/UX Design

Challenge: To be conventional no more

Bisnis Indonesia is one of the largest Indonesian business navigators, provides financial news, market insights and industry related information. Bisnis Indonesia sought to continue its evolution into a digital business model and provide a best-in-class online reading experience. As one of top tier daily business in Indonesia, Bisnis Indonesia experienced huge challenges that in the age of fast-paced news and social media, it’s hard to find someone holding a physical newspaper in their hands, they're either on their handheld devices or going through their computer. That fact opened the door for Bisnis Indonesia to evolve and built a strong digital presence.

Solution: We managed to step up to the plate

Working together, we faced the challenge of displaying a lot of content yet have to look good. We chose a layout that allows for good usability, and features a lot of content without cramming items onto the page. The site is both easy to read and responsive to help visitors to quickly find what interests them. 

We were also created a mobile app to stay connected with the readers. We equipped the application with Data Market features to making it necessary for users to get Data Market on the go. As we are also concerned about the speed of the application, memory management was also applied to reduce the burden in the application to give lighter and faster result. Since it’s been launched, Bisnis Indonesia Web traffic continues to climb. It has been fulfilling the needs of business enthusiasts around the country. In December 2012, the website has gained more than 1 million monthly visitors.