Bola Nusantara
2017 - 2018
Web Development, iOS & Android Development

Challenge: How to bring the best experience to all Indonesian football fans in the digital era

Bola Nusantara is a digital media company focused on Indonesian football. They stand between sports and entertainment with the aim of bringing Indonesian football further forward in the digital era.

The passion to make a massive progress in Indonesian football scene makes Bola Nusantara committed to create exceptional and engaging digital platforms with complete features that can bring the best experience for all football fans from all over Indonesia. For that reason, Bola Nusantara partnered with Suitmedia to create the platforms and make it as the ultimate source of up-to-date football news and football digital interactivity. 

Solution: Bringing engaging features the football fans want and need

Bola Nusantara and Suitmedia have the vision to make users of Bola Nusantara be able to access all contents and its features through every medium they are most comfortable with, whether at home or on the go, thus we planned to create the platform in the form of website and mobile application.

During the development process, Suitmedia did a research to know what users want on a football website. The result led us to put important features that can make the site engaging for users. Besides latest talk and news, we also built features that are needed by football fans, such as live match schedule, football live stream, and player/club profile information of various football field, from Liga 1; Liga 2; Liga 3; Piala Indonesia; and Piala AFF. The content itself will be personalized based on user's favorite clubs.

With those features provided, users do not have to hop from one website to another in order to find all pieces of information from various football clubs. They can find the latest updates from every football field only on one website. We also create strong site navigation to make it easy for visitors to quickly find the information that interests them by dividing categories clearly and keep the design consistent.

To create more engagement on Bola Nusantara website, Suitmedia also built unique and attractive features for the site. One of the most engaging features we have built is a game feature to challenge football fans with football prediction games. In this feature, users have to try to predict the best player, the first goal scorer, total goals, and club competition winner. Users also will get rewards if they predicted correctly. By stimulating their competitive spirit, we keep users motivated and interested to interact within the website. We also built gamification as a great way to build engagement and loyalty on the platforms. The games create happiness and excitement. These are positive user experiences and it leads to better engagement and loyalty.

Besides the website, Bola Nusantara can be accessed through a mobile application and we made it possible for users to access all of their favorite features they can find on the website. This mobile app version is even more convenient because all users can access Bola Nusantara everywhere through their smartphone easily. With every feature they have and the wide range of the field they cover, Bola Nusantara is undoubtedly the ideal platform that helps Indonesian to love their national football even more.

With its effective UI and UX, the website has successfully increased its pageviews at +144%, monthly visitors at +2,3%, and sessions at 788% in 30 days after the website launched. These number surely will improve due to the engaging features made by Suitmedia in collaboration with Bola Nusantara.