UI/UX Design, iOS & Android Development

Challenge: To give a simpler journey for its agents

As a trustworthy payment gateway in Indonesia, Chipsakti offers a business opportunity for people in selling phone credit, prepaid electricity, online game voucher, prepaid TV voucher, plane online ticket, also an online counter for bill payment (PPOB). The growth of its company has risen some needs to provide an easier way for its agents to organize purchasing and payment process.

Solution: We integrated important features to help Chipsakti and its agents raise their game

Working together, Chipsakti and Suitmedia chose to build a mobile app to make the business process more efficient. The agents’ journey is very convenient because the mobile app has a well-structured menus. We equipped the mobile app with important and integrated features, such as booking and purchasing management, balance transfer management, top-up management, customers data management, voucher payment, billing history, and of course a simple yet secure verification for every agent to ensure that every business inquiries are managed properly.

We want to optimize this mobile app, which is not only with great UI and UX, we want to add more values to this platform to help Chipsakti business grow bigger. That’s why we built the mobile app with an important feature to let the agents inviting people to become a member or sub-level agents. This app has become a door to open business opportunities and help Chipsakti to raise their game.