2020 - 2021
Creative Campaign, Social Media Management

Challenge : How can we establish brand propositions in digital and be on top of the consumers’ mind?

Darlie as a brand of toothpaste tries to get a good preposition in the eyes of the target audience. Considering the competition and standpoint in the vague toothpaste category, Darlie as a toothpaste that has the characteristics of double mint and double freshness requires a strategy and good execution in order to be recognized and become top of mind in the minds of consumers, both broad and targeted consumers.

Solution : To create attention that focused on translate brand values & key message into digital activities

Through a campaign entitled #KembaliPD #PakaiDarlie, we try to grab the attention of the audience through various platforms and digital content. We combine various creative content and activation as well as KOL to build awareness of Darlie as brand and awareness of every campaign and content released by Darlie. Audience needs to be reminded about Darlie's unique selling point as a brand that is able to provide double freshness in an exciting and unique way.

Result : The combination of brand activation and social media has made reach and impressions increase rapidly

The combination of brand activation and social media has increased the reach and impression on Darlie's various social media platforms, it can be seen from the number of impressions and reach obtained, which are 49,9 million impressions in the last 5 months and 9,4 million reach in the last 5 months. The audience is now more active in giving impressions as feedback from the exposure content released by Darlie, seen from the engagement rate owned by Darlie's campaign which was very good, which was around 17.4% in the last 5 months with the highest engagement rate in March, which was 44.4%. This is a good thing for Darlie because the targeted awareness can be achieved well.