2018 - 2019
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: How to build trust & raise engagement from a digital company

Dr.m is a one stop digital playground, designed to serve artists, creators, musicians and influencers to optimize their digital assets and also help brands to explore their campaign to a wider audience. As Indonesia 1st Youtube certified Multi-Channel Network for music and entertainment, Dr.m help creators to collaborate with other creators, while exploring new ways of playing in the digital world, as well as helping brands to craft a better campaign planning and executing using creators to improve their awareness and engagement.

As a digital entertainment company, Dr.m needs an online home to grow their business and add value to potential customers. A home that will help Dr.m express their uniqueness to audiences as well as create identity system.

Solution: Building a responsive website that accommodate Dr.m line business

To help strengthen Dr.m business, we collaborated with Dr.m to build a responsive website. We set our mind to focus on strengthening Dr.m brand awareness, encouraging engagement and driving conversion.

First, we decided to use lots bright color to the design because it can lift up good first impression. A recent case study showed that adjusting color among other elements can improve conversion by as much 24%. We choose blue as our main color scheme because it is associate with trust, authorithy, and reliability, which in line with Dr.m vision and mission. The use of light background makes the text easy to read. One trick that we use is actually we put footer on the hamburger menu. This trick is good to save some space while maintain focus on the content. We also highlighted Dr.m top creators in order to attract user to use Dr.m services as well as build more trust.

Secondly, as a company that runs in digital world, designing a modern responsive website for Dr.m is a must. A responsive website makes the user comfortable to browse the website from any devices they want. This also give a better use experience, because user doesn’t have to shrink or zoom the image or text on the screen.

The result: A valuable marketing asset to lead the competition

A modern responsive website brings a lot of benefits for the company such as help to boost traffic and generate customer engagement. As a company which provide one stop solution for digital, creating a responsive website surely will bring more trust, engagement & success to the company.