E-Learning Platform
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: How to facilitate employees to improve and maintain their skills

Employees at a leading multinational FMCG company are usually required to take classes and improve their individual skills. However, there are too many learning materials available at the global platform accessed by this particular company’s employees throughout the world. This may cause confusion when the employees try to look for the right learning materials for them.

The FMCG company needs to build their own internal platform to facilitate employees so that they can study these e-learning materials effectively and efficiently.

Solution: Building an internal e-learning platform dedicated for employees

Suitmedia’s help is required to develop an internal e-learning platform for the FMCG company’s employees. After doing a thorough research, Suitmedia offers a new platform model where employees can improve their skills through periodical quizzes and challenges based on the materials available on the original global platform. By finishing these quizzes and challenges, employees will each get points which can later be used to redeem special rewards from the company.

The FMCG company also requested Suitmedia to develop a live leaderboard for one of their biggest events. On this event, all employees are required to finish their challenges simultaneously. The process and end-result of this competition as seen on the leaderboard was successfully aired live and real-time at the FMCG company’s head office.

In fulfilling the FMCG company’s requests regarding the aforementioned platform, Suitmedia used PHP scripting language, Laravel framework, and MySQL database. These options are made so that the platform can be a secure, well-integrated, and versatile platform for the FMCG company’s employees to use.