Eonchemicals Putra
2020 - 2021
UX & Market Research, UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: Merging two different websites without changing the excellent traffic

Eonchemicals Putra was founded in 1987 and is one of the first Indonesian companies that pioneered local research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and technical service for specialty chemicals. Through the years, Eonchemicals has served and supported various heavy industries in Indonesia. Some of them are the oil & gas industry, mining industry, steel plants, pipe manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, metalworking industries, petrochemical plants, and power generation plants.

Previously, Eonchemical had two websites with different purposes. One is a corporate website that contains product information and problems & solutions commonly found in each industry. The other one is a website that contains articles about problems that usually found by some industries in Indonesia along with explanations of the solutions. Eonchemical wanted to merge those two websites into one. The article website already has excellent traffic. The expectation is that when the two websites merge, the traffic that was already good on the previous article website will not decrease.

In addition, the objective to be achieved is to enrich the CRM data Eonchemical has with the existing data on the new website later. So, the Eonchemical team can find out which users have the potential to become leads later on.

Solution: Familiar tools for better usage

Suitmedia as a creative digital lab, we're always there to answer client problems. We provide clients with some easy, prompt, precise solutions for clients in order to achieve the desired goals. In the case of Eonchemicals, they want to combine two websites with different functions into one, but not reduce traffic. They are also very familiar with WordPress which they have been using for a long time. Therefore, we did recommend making this new website using WordPress.

In addition of using WordPress, we also used supporting plugins to meet client needs such as: Yoast SEO to support SEO on WordPress, Gravity Form Dynamic CRM allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your Dynamics CRM account to complete the CRM data already owned by the Eonchemical Team, Google Tag Manager to be able to track all user activities and behavior on the Eonchemical website.

Result: New website with an excellent traffic

By implementing all the solutions provided, the traffic migration process from the old website to the new website ran very smoothly.  Users who access the old website link can be directed to the new website properly. That makes the traffic remains good. We had also increased user engagement in our new website by getting longer (+25%) avg. session duration.

In addition, the CRM data owned by the client is also complete with additional user data contained on the new website.