Creative Campaign, Brand Development, Social Media Management

Challenge: How to increase awareness and its mobile app usage

Who loves traveling? Of course, everybody loves traveling. Nowadays, people are looking for a safe, fast and trustworthy place for their trips. As a leading online travel company in the world, Expedia offers the best deals and better choices of local promos within each country around the world.  Expedia also helps customers to discover the best hotels, flight deals, and other promotions for their trip. To strive to be one of the best online  travel company in Indonesia, Expedia still has to increase their brand awareness and optimizing its digital presence to differentiate them from their competitors, engage more customers, and increase Expedia mobile app number of users.

Solution: A smart, integrated social media campaign

Suitmedia helped Expedia to gain more awareness by supporting its campaigns through several offline activities. We created "Yellow SunCase" and "Expedia Travel-mate" campaigns that were integrated with Facebook Fan Page of Expedia.

Expedia Yellow SunCase

We increased the number of Expedia fans and online & on-ground activity through Expedia Yellow SunCase photo contest. The participants have to take a photo with the iconic yellow case of Expedia in a Car Free Day event. We encourage them to post their photo on their social media accounts. The winner of the photo contest had a chance to get a Hotel-Voucher from Horison Hotel, Seminyak Bali.

Expedia Travel-Mate

Expedia Travel-mate was also a photo competition that is required the contestants to upload a photo that was showing Expedia Mobile App on their mobile devices, and they have to mention about their favorite features on that App. This campaign has successfully increased the download of the Expedia mobile app. 

All of our campaigns have helped Expedia to gain 60k likes on Facebook, 50k fans reach, and 1.8k user engagement every week.