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Challenge: To be standing out in a crowded marketplace

Groupon is a global e-commerce marketplace, connecting millions of subscribers with local business by offering activities, travel, goods and services in more than 28 countries. Groupon Indonesia was founded in 2010, formerly known as Groupon Disdus. 

Groupon knows that the E-commerce space has become increasingly competitive. It’s survival of the fittest. That’s why they were fully aware that they have to build more digital presence to grow their e-commerce business, keep up in the competition with another giant e-commerce through the country, and perhaps most importantly: to improve their online sales.

Solution: Make it simple for customers to find information they need

Here’s the first argument: users said they would rather access their favorite shopping sites via a mobile app than through their mobile browsers.  This fact encourages us to create a mobile app for Groupon to offer exclusive, limited-time sales of products with built-in notifications for shoppers who want to find the best deals from Groupon anywhere at any time.

In this mobile app, we provide useful and easy to use features to help people to get info about nearby deals; the hottest deals of the day; lists of low price products; and travel deals that give access to hotels and travel agent’s discount information. In this mobile app, we utilize Facebook login, which becoming nowadays trends, to make it easier for users to login. Groupon now is able to provide easier access for its customers to get the best deals.