2011 - 2016
Web Development, iOS & Android Development, UX & UI Design, E-Commerce Solutions, Digital Advertising

Challenge: To become the ultimate destination for every Muslim woman to search inspirations for fashion and life

HijUp established in 2011 and has been the first and the biggest E-commerce for Muslim women around the country. HijUp was born to accommodate the rising of hijab fashion trends and they have enormous ambitions to be hijab fashion ‘first-rate destination’, not only in local industry but also in the international scene. 

As a player in a new and fresh industry, such as hijab fashion, HijUp had to create some platforms to accommodate the needs of Muslim women for fashion. They were aware that the business of fashion is changing dramatically almost every day and Muslim women are more fluids to experiment with a trendy and creative sense of style. It means, the platforms had to deliver the taste and style of what users really like. To solve those challenges, HijUp with Suitmedia were working together to create a website, mobile App, and maintaining marketing performance with the concept of ‘online mall’ to deliver a rich experience, more than just online transaction. 

Solution: We create convenient ways for customers to be fashionable through HijUp digital assets Website

Suitmedia built with beautiful aesthetic visual through big images and stunning layout. The site has intuitively navigable product details that always exist side-by-side with a clear call-to-action. By making everything shoppable and positioning the product as the hero, the site maintains the editorial integrity of the magazine format while creating seamless paths to conversion. We were also using SEO strategy by optimizing the right keywords to find the right audience who has an interest in hijab fashion.

We were also provided shoppers with tools like a search box and basic filters, such as the ability to specify brand, type of cloth, color, and price to make it easier for user to search fashion items based on their preferences.

To be a human in digital force, we built the site along captivating storytelling about hijab fashion through lookbook, hijab tutorial, beauty tips, DIY, and entertainment in Islamic vibes. This strategy was used to increase engagement with the target market, which are hijab fashion enthusiasts.

The site has been very successful at growing the brand’s audience on every size screen and has been a convenient way for Muslim women to live a fashionable life. In March 2016, the website has gained more than 50K daily visitors. Mobile App

Everyone’s glued to their mobile screens right now. It pushed HijUp and Suitmedia to take a step ahead by creating a mobile App. Yes, it’s not a choice, it’s a need. To make HijUp’s vision happens, Suitmedia created a mobile App that is suitable for existing or potential customers of HijUp around the world. We provided features to make it easier for both local and International customers to buy their favorite fashion items, all in the palm of their hand. International users have a privilege to calculate international shipping fee, flexible payment methods, also changing language and currency. This mobile app helps HijUp to stay connected with its customers. It has been playing a key role in those I-want-to-know, I-want-to-do, I-want-to-buy moments.