2018 - 2019
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Challenges: How to make improvement and adjustment on current SPOP?

Trading Operation Support System (SPOP) is a trading operation support system application engaged in pre-operation management activities, including trading parameter update based on Corporate Action (CA) and trading statement.

As the organization grows, improvement and adjustment on application are required by integrating some activities which have relation to each other and adding some features according to Trading Operations division needs. The purpose of the addition is to accommodate all kinds of stocks that being traded or reported to the Indonesia Stock Exchange; to support all trading report activities; and to support other operation needs.

Solution: Developing high performance and secure infrastructure

To accommodate IDX needs on the improvement and adjustment on SPOP, Suitmedia as a digital agency specialized in providing digital solution, will build systems close to IDX needs. First, we identify the features that needs improvement and adjustment, then make enhancement as follows:

  • To integrate IDXNET application with SPOP through listener application
  • Development of verification application
  • To make automation on parameter update
  • To make automation on remarks 2 and I-suite by developing SPOP generator application
  • To make index automation by separating thread insert and delete in different scheduler

Application security is no longer optional, it becomes absolute needs. For IDX SPOP, we are not only making improvement and adjustment, but also developing high-security program to protect all confidential data particularly on the following features/ functions:

  • Classification of data/ information
  • Data encryption technique
  • Cryptographic Key Management
  • Authentication and identification on system user
  • Management and utilization of user password
  • Time limit on system connectivity
  • Protection towards Log Information
  • Utilization of system assessment data

The improvement and adjustment on SPOP application will make integration with other application, such as DWH, SOA, IDXnet, DSAS, and IDX website. 

Result: An integrated SPOP+ application that helps trading activities

After the enhancement, IDX SPOP application will run on high availability, high performance, reliable, and secure infrastructure. As a result, the ‘new’ IDX SPOP+ is expected to make operating activities more effective and efficient as well as to minimize human error risks.