2013 - 2015
UI/UX Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Digital & IT Advisory

Challenge: How to create an inspiring website that attracts, engage, and convert the web visitors easily

As we have known, Indonesians are familiar with the “gotong royong” principle and this principle starting to move to the digital world through crowdfunding sites. If you ever searching about Indonesian crowdfunding, you might be ever found information about KitaBisa, an Indonesian startup who is working on social enterprise.

KitaBisa was founded in 2013 with a rationale that Indonesia has an ample amount of people who want to make a difference in the social sphere and they need a medium to do so. Together with Suitmedia, KitaBisa started to create the medium in the form of website. The challenge is, we didn’t want to settle for an ordinary website but we wanted to create an inspiring website that compels people to donate or create a campaign to give voice to the voiceless.

Solution: Using emotion to connect with website visitors

Crowdfunding relies on the collective effort of tens, hundreds or thousands of individuals to make something good happen. To get the attention and action from those people, we need to create something that is compelling by building emotion into the website.

Though the online crowdfunding process is mostly a matter of form fields or credit card numbers, the donation is ultimately about the people served or the social change. Therefore we highlighted some elements that create a sense of empathy and help potential supporters visualize the impact their donation will have through the web design.

Design is a crucial part of any crowdfunding website. Good design will build the site’s credibility, while bad design can ruin the campaign chances of success. Therefore, we created compelling and emotionally moving images for the website, especially on the home banner to help painting a clear picture in the mind of a supporter and to propel them to action. We made sure we put quality images to tell KitaBisa vision since people tend to respond better to content that is visually appealing.

Besides the images and graphics, we created seamless user experience on the website by implementing a clean and simple layout so that everyone can comfortably interact with it, and it increases the chances for people to donate or to create a campaign. We also made sure that users won’t have too many steps from start to finish. We keep the visitors engaged by keeping each form on the site short and sweet.

Storytelling also has a big part to connect on an emotional level with people. For that reason, we created a page with a function to tell the story behind each project on the site. We also shared the success of Kitabisa have had in the past campaigns to help establish the track record and instill confidence in potential donors.

The emotional design, easy navigation, and engaging content explained above, successfully made the website as a platform that connects the change-makers online, managed to collect donations as much as 61 billion in 2016, and brought more kindness to the world.