K-Link Commerce
UI/UX Design, Web Development, E-Commerce Solutions

Challenge: How to make members get the K-link products easier

K-Link is one of the most well-known company in Indonesia that produce healthy and beauty supplement, personal care, household, and another kind of products to help their consumer increase their quality of life. Since it was established in May 2002, K-Link has got many achievements that proof how their products and the company itself is the lead in the industry. 

As the most dominant Multi-Level Marketing company, K-Link Indonesia already has 2,4 million members all over Indonesia. The company and all of their members are connected together under their vision, mission, and the slogan “Unity is Power”. K-Link Indonesia is always open for perspectives, ideas, and insights from their members from all over Indonesia. 

K-Link understands that their members are having a fast-pacing life. In order to buy K-link products for their customers, the members sometimes do not have enough time to go to the stockist to get the products they need. Realizing this, K-Link wanted to bring K-Link products closer to their members so each member can reach to the products and K-link important updates whenever and wherever they need.

Solution: Making an app that helps the members’ business run very smoothly

We believe in the power of technology and digital world. Nowadays, almost everything can be done online. Almost everything can be digitized. One of the most common things that can be digitized is stores. Offline stores are now becoming online. This phenomenon happens because humans are now living in such a dynamic world and everything has done effectively, efficiently, and quickly.

People want to be able to get everything easily. They want to have the world on their hand. Seeing this, K-Link felt the urge to do something. They wanted to present new innovation so that their members’ life and business can be improved in all aspects. K-Link decided to have their store digitized in order to help their members get their high-quality product quickly and easily.

K-Link Commerce was born to be the helpful mobile application for K-Link members in all over Indonesia. The members do not have to be afraid anymore when they are out of any K-Link’s products. If they are busy and cannot reach the offline stockist, they can just download K-Link Commerce on their iOS or Android gadget, sign up, and easily buy and pay for any K-Link products they need directly using the app. 

The members can also easily find information about K-Link new products. When they feel the need to try the new products, they can just buy it through the application. The members are also can easily know when they will receive the product since it is possible to track their orders through the application.

It is also possible to know the calculation of the member’s bonuses. More than that, the members also will get a notification for upcoming events, webinar, and training from K-Link. 

The members respond to K-Link Commerce positively. They are feeling helped in selling and marketing their products. Since they are able to sell more, they are able to achieve more incentives. 6 months after launching K-Link commerce, the app has more than 10K users with time spent in app of more than 4 minutes. K-Link is now only one touch away and more members are downloading this helpful application.