2017 - 2018
Content Creation, Web Development

Challenge: How to design an effective website that helps the company achieve its business goals

Since its establishment in 1988, Lintasarta has been playing a role in providing information and communication technology services to more than 1.700 companies in Indonesia. The trust earned from their partners makes Lintasarta keen to improve their services.

Seeing the exponential growth of cloud computing usage, Lintasarta wanted to make it easier for enterprises in getting the cloud solutions by creating a cloud computing online marketplace. To create a successful marketplace website from scratch, they need an effective and a well-designed website. 

Solution: Applying a well thought-out web design with UX in mind

For a new marketplace, getting everything right is highly crucial because even a small misstep can create a huge hurdle at a later stage. This is why Lintasarta tapped Suitmedia to create effective website design, give them programming recommendation, and assist them in the development process.

One of Lintasarta’ goals itself is to offer efficiency in finding, buying, deploying, and provisioning the perfect cloud computing services for every kind of corporation, public institutions, and small to middle-sized companies.

Since Lintasarta’s clients and partners are coming from various kind of companies, Suitmedia had to ensure all information provided are easy to understand and can be accessed in the most time-efficient way. Understanding that, Suitmedia decided to make a sleek-looking website and focused on maximizing its functionality.

As the first step in creating the site’s design, we ranked elements on the website based on Lintasarta’s business objective, then prioritized on what most important information that are needed by potential customers or partners. We put accesses for everything needed even from the homepage. Directly from the start, Suitmedia made it simple for all kind of users, either they want to find cloud computing service immediately or having any interest in selling product and services through the marketplace. Every information needed from the website is precisely only one click away.

We also made sure the web design is visually appealing. We made all things proportioned to make it aesthetically pleasing. We also utilized whitespace wisely to break up the layout and group particular things together to create a sense of balance and sophistication. The utilization of whitespace makes the website looks clean, gives emphasis on specific elements, also helps the viewer understand what they should focus on. It also effectively makes the website more easily navigable, comprehensible, and conversion-friendly, directing users more smoothly to call-to-actions and encouraging them to convert.

The design colors itself are dominated by blue and green color. These colors excellently translate the personality of Lintasarta: trustworthy, reliable, and professional. The sense of trustworthy is very important, especially in the B2B marketplace, to elevate the reputation of the company and its business.

The combination of clean design, powerful brand identity across the site, and a pleasant user-experience make it possible for Lintasarta to help all kinds of companies, from small to the big ones to get cloud computing services easier. Cloud computing solutions are now just one click away.