Lumix PYFM
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: To promote and invite the young generation to join the competition

Lumix is Panasonic’s brand for a digital camera, ranging from a pocket point-and-shoot camera to a compact interchangeable-lens model. With great features in the camera, Lumix believes they can support the ambition and creativity of Indonesian in photo and videography industries which applied through Panasonic Young Film Maker (PYFM).

Panasonic Young Film Maker (Lumix PYFM) is a biennial short film competition for young Indonesian filmmakers. Starting from 2015, the competition invites amateurs and independent filmmakers to tune their skills in the creative industry. Lumix PYFM opens for 15-30 years old filmmakers without any experienced or professional filmmakers to join the competition. For this year, Lumix PYFM 2019 is about #KolaborasiTanpaBatas in the creative industry.

Solution: Microsite that attracts young generation to spread their creativity

Hosting a photo competition is one of the best marketing strategies to grow business. It can maximize potential and generate many leads which end with a good return on investment.

The visuals

As a photo and videography competition, providing a stunning visual design is a must. We provide professional, clean, and high-quality images, then put it on another level to impress people who want to submit their works. Due to the entrants are ranged from 15-30 years, we decided to choose a monochrome color palette of gray shades with a touch of black and white colors. The combination brings casual and professional vibes in the competition.

The structure

Providing clear information about how to submit the competition is the main goal of this website. The structure of this website is designed to give simple step-by-step guidelines on how to submit, registration, and view prizes. Every submission can be seen on page “2019 Submission” based on the categories (Short Movie, Online Video, and 2019 Special Category).

This website is not only used as a submission page but also used to inform the entrants about the workshop that Lumix held in some big cities throughout Indonesia. Aside from the entrants, the public is allowed to join the workshop by clicking the “Join Workshop” button on the Workshop page. As a reminder, the entrants also can see the 2017 PYFM winners and view the video.

Result: Celebrate creativity through infinite collaboration

As an attempt to market the brand as well as give support to the creativity of the young generation, Lumix PYFM is ready to celebrate different perspectives on #KolaborasiTanpaBatas. Hopefully, through Lumix PYFM 2019, the creative industry will continue to grow and develop their creative potential in the industry.