Mobile Survey App
Monitoring & Analytics, UI/UX Design

Challenge: To make the process of collecting feedback way faster and simpler

To understand more about customers and what stuffs they like, every company needs to collect feedbacks from their customers. At a music event held by a company, for example, surveys need to be done to collect attendee’s data by asking them to answer some questions on a paper so that the company will know what these attendees would love to see and what needs to be improved for their upcoming event.

The problem is, surveys usually take too much time. People don’t really enjoy filling the survey papers. The papers itself is not the greatest way to record data since it can easily get lost and broken. Moreover, it can be a struggle to reread the papers to get into a conclusion from the feedback.

Solution: Replacing stack of questionnaire papers with a well-designed survey app

Thanks to the universe, there is this thing called mobile application that makes our lives so much easier. Nowadays, almost everything can be done through mobile applications. This fact intrigued us at Suitmedia to make an application that might help companies collect feedback for their events.

We have developed a mobile survey application for iOS which will be installed on iPads used by the ushers of the event. The ushers only need to fill the main info about the events such as the place of the events, dates, and event description. When they are going to collect data from the visitors, they just need to carry their iPad and ask for the visitors to fill in the short survey. The visitors, of course, do not need to write anything down on papers. They just have to click here and there on the application to complete the survey and continue enjoying the wholesome music event.

Since the survey is digital-based, all data that has been entered will be recorded and stored automatically in the system. The ushers do not need to be afraid of losing the data they had collected and start all over again. The data analysts also do not need to manually insert all the feedbacks before they start analyzing it because the data is already computerized.

This mobile survey app, by all means, has successfully saved energy, time, and money in collecting valuable feedbacks from customers.