2020 - 2021
Creative, UX & Market Research, Development Consultation, UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: A digital campaign that inspires others.

Omela is a multifunction creamer for cooking that has been existing in Indonesia for over 20 years. It is a brand produced by PT Frisian Flag Indonesia, one of Indonesia's largest dairy companies producing nutritious milk for children and families for almost 100 years since 1922. Omela can be used to add some delicacy to every food and drink you make.

Working in the fast-paced food and beverage industry makes Omela wants to reach a broader audience with its strong brand image by running a digital campaign starting in early 2021. It's right when most companies and brands are actively promoting on digital platforms due to consumers' behavior-changing because of the pandemic. Hence, Omela requires a website as their landing page that can become a hub of information about Omela itself and become an inspirational place for its target market to use Omela as a cooking ingredient at home.

Solution: An inspirational website that immediately immerses their audiences

Globally, the food and beverages industry's market growth rate and volume of consumption are expected to always go higher over the year. It sure will make the business more competitive than ever. Indeed, we looked into some of the most effective digital trends that will hopefully help Omela attract more customers and ultimately increase revenue.

Blogging-style website

When a brand tells a clear story and not stuffing too much information, it can be highly effective for a digital campaign. We implement the "blogging-style" by making some short, inspirational, and useful content on the website implied with SEO strategy.  Such as unique recipes and helpful cooking hacks to make the audience and potential customers interested to use Omela as their must-have ingredients to cook at home. Especially at a time like this, when people are staying at home, it is an opportunity for Omela to thrive digitally by providing people handy food recipes and hacks for their inspiration on what to do while staying at home. We also link every page to Omela’s YouTube channel. Plus, we give the audience a downloadable recipe list to make them easier to shop the ingredients on each recipe they want to create. By those ways, we can help Omela get a great opportunity to increase brand awareness, retention, and gain new customers.

Simple but strong design

We realized that putting too many elements on one web page may distracting the audience from its main purpose. Simplicity always works in an effective web page design, and in that case, we apply a simple design and easy navigation for this website. Not to forget, we always keep the web design to suit Omela’s brand image. Plus, we always create an interactive web design, so it is effective for various screens.

Link to other social media accounts

People love clicking to mouth-watering pictures and videos then share them. So, it is important for a website to have a section that provides direct and easy access to contacts and to other social media that a brand has. It is not only to maintain customers' trust but to also create a relationship between the brand and the customers. As for right now, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are the biggest platforms where food and beverage businesses can thrive through social media.

Result: A simple yet strong digital campaign to reach broader audience and increase revenue

This website has successfully provided users with information about the Omela brand and various recipes and cooking tips. The users each month are still increased by 46.24%. It has proven that some of the main takeaways regarding strategies to gain more customers are growing in popularity. Coupled with a user-friendly website stuffed with informative content, this opens up opportunities for Omela to achieve success in the food and beverage industry.