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Challenge: Making a spot-on digital appearance to attract teenage users

POSH Indonesia is owned by Lion Wings, a well-known company that provides all-around products for people’s everyday needs. POSH Indonesia’s products include perfumed body spray and deodorants dedicated to teenage boys and girls. POSH Indonesia believes that its products can be a teenager’s best friend and therefore raise their confidence while doing their activities without having to worry about excessive sweating and body odor.

POSH Indonesia’s products are already distributed in almost every convenience store around Indonesia. However, it seems that their products don't get the exposure as much as their competitors who have a website. Their target market is also unable to find the brand online and that issue can lead to significant damage to the brand’s reputation. This is why they would need a spot-on digital appearance: a fun, responsive website with detailed product information. This way, they are expected to attract their niche market which consists of 16-21 years-old teenagers.

Solution: Building a fun, responsive website to attract target customers

We collaborate with POSH Indonesia to build a responsive and attractive website that represents the whole persona of their brand. Without making the website looks super crowded, we put motion graphics and motion effects on the right places to show POSH’s character which suits teenagers who have active, dynamic, and playful character. There are also featured articles called POSH Journal for them to read and hence stay longer on our website.

As a company competing in this digital world, having a responsive website is definitely a must. Users will feel comfortable while browsing POSH’s website, no matter what gadget they use. This then leads to a better user experience.

In order to create a good first impression, we start with the color selections. We have decided to use bright colors like blue, pink, yellow, green, and red for the website design. These colors represent POSH as an active and fresh brand that is very suitable for teenage boys and girls as their target market.

Result: Great digital appearance and experience

The existence of this website has helped POSH Indonesia to improve their sales and build customer trust. Looking at all the features, design, and content, POSH Indonesia’s website will gain more traffic. Google Analytics has shown that starting from December 2019 up until February 2020, POSH has gained 56.45% new users during the period with 03:34 average session duration. We are sure that the number of visitors will continue to grow as SEO strategies are implemented through the articles posted on the website.